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Interior Painting in Cork

Interior Painting in Cork: 10 Tips for Creating a Beautiful Home

So you decided to paint the interior of your home. I know it can seem overwhelming, but you might even enjoy doing this job if you have the right tools and techniques.
Freshen up the paint on your walls and ceilings can really transform your living space and interior painting and cork can be an awesome way to help you accomplish your vision.
Today I’ll be giving you advice on how interior decorating Can you change the look of your home.

How Painters and Decorators choose the right paint

I find that choosing the right paint is very important to create a nice finish on walls and woodwork. There are a lot of varieties of paint out there like satin and gloss, eggshell and matt. I prefer to use matt paint because it’s got a low level of sheen and it does a great job hiding imperfections on the surface of walls. And gloss paint is more durable and suitable for areas with a lot of traffic, like kitchens and bathrooms. Before you choose the paint, keep in mind the lighting in those rooms as well.

How Painters in Cork prepare the walls

I always prepare interior walls before I start painting them, this would be one of the most important jobs, which includes: feeling holes, repairing cracks, treating areas that could be covered with mould using a special oil-based primer, and sanding down rough areas with sandpaper. All this prep work will get you a better finish on walls and ceilings and will last longer.

Why Interior House Painter in Cork protects floors and furniture

Another one of the most important jobs of interior painting in Cork is protecting floors and furniture from drips and spills of paint, and trust me, it’s much easier to spend some extra time in the beginning and cover everything than lose hours trying to clean the mess that you could make if you forget to cover your new carpet on the stairs.
So yeah, get dust sheets and a couple of rolls of plastic and cover your furniture and floor. To make your job easier, take the small furniture out of the room, like chairs, coffee tables, etc., to give you more room to work freely.

Interior Painting in Cork: why prime your walls

Priming the walls and ceilings is a necessary step of any interior house painting job, especially if the surface is freshly skimmed or newly slabbed, don’t skip this step; it will ruin the whole job down the road, look at this as a foundation of your house, without a good foundation the house will end up with cracks, uneven floors and moisture damage on the walls.
It’s very important to use a good quality primer suitable for this job; remember that there are two different primers for fresh skimmed and new slabbed walls and ceilings.
Following these rules will save you lots of headaches afterwards.
And, of course, primer can be applied on walls with a brush or a painting roller.

Residential Painting in Cork: how to use the right techniques

Every professional painter in Cork has their own techniques in interior painting; I’d start with the ceilings first, and then do the walls.
When painting walls, you can start by cutting in around the edges and then roll the rest of the walls with a painting roller or the other way around; the choice’s yours. Give about three-four hours for the paint to dry and then give it a second coat of paint.
Don’t do more than two coats of paint in one day. If you need a third coat, wait for 16 hours and do it then.

Painter and Decorators in Cork: don't overload your brush or roller

Save yourself from making a mess and spending time cleaning it after; if you overload your paint roller or the brush with paint, you will end up with drips all over the floor and walls, which can create uneven coverage as well.

When you load your roller with paint, be careful not to overdo it; the same with the brush; if you do it right, your brush will last longer and be easier to clean afterwards.

Pro tip: Wet your paintbrush with water before painting and shake it well; that will make your life easier when cleaning the brush later.

Professional Painter Cork: consider adding an accent wall

I love accent walls; it’s a great way to create something different with your space and make one wall of the room stand out. Accent walls not just transform your home; they can improve the design of your living space.
Which wall to choose for it? If you’re in the living room, go for the wall with the fireplace; in the bedroom, I’d choose the wall behind the bed’s headboard.
In some way, the accent wall could make your bedroom look even bigger.

Interior Painting in Cork: hire a professional

Now the question is, will you paint your house by yourself? Do you have enough time to put into this project? And how big is the job, is it the whole house that needs to be painted? It might take you a couple of weeks to achieve something like that. Do you have brushes, rollers, buckets, step ladders, drop clothes and all the other equipment you’d need for a project like this?
That is why most people prefer to hire an interior house painter in Cork , which will save them lots of time and headaches regarding interior painting in Cork and exterior painting in Cork

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