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Facets to Keep in Mind when Hiring Interior Painting Services

What is involved in Interior Painting Services

It is not uncommon for homeowners to want to DIY their interior painting. However, this entails significant time, patience and investment. To achieve the results the homeowners are aiming for, they need to dedicate their complete attention to the task and not just treat it like a side project. There needs to be a clear plan of how to proceed and what materials to use.

On the other hand, outsourcing this task to a local interior painting service provider is all about making the right hire. Keep in mind that the terms mentioned in the painting contract depend on the homeowner.

It will include details provided by the painting service provider for instance the type of paint they will be using, cost of labor and supplies, an estimate of the time frame, and the techniques they plan on implementing. Physical aspects of the room such as dimensions, height of ceiling, walls, window trim and so on are also included in the contract.

Benefits of Hiring Interior Painting

Hiring an experienced and knowledgeable interior painter from the very start can make a significant difference in the quality of interior painting services received.

It provides the homeowner with the following benefits:

• Increase in Home Value: If a homeowner intends to sell their property adding a fresh coat of paint would certainly be beneficial. It establishes a rather fresh appeal to the property in the eyes of prospective buyers. During an open house tour, buyers would appreciate the effort invested by the homeowner in applying the fresh coat of paint.

Change in Ambience: People often wonder why their interiors look drab and dull even after making minor changes like moving the furniture around or changing the cushion covers. The paint colors have a significant role to play here. The right choice of paint can work wonders in transforming the overall vibe of the interiors. This is especially applied in the case of old houses and apartments, where the paint has relatively worn out. Repainting such interiors can do just the trick in flipping the ambience.

• Damage Protection and Prevention: Repainting the interior space will help do away with eventual damages such as removing daily grime, fingerprints and scuffs, in addition to protecting the walls for years to come. Applying a fresh coat of paint also adds a fresh layer of protection from potential damages caused by moisture, mildew and mould.

• Personalized Finished Look: A home is a personal heaven for any individual, filled with the elements that they consider their own. Repainting and installing the interior space with the new colors, fixtures and fitting of their choice would enable them to feel more at home.

Mistakes to Avoid when Hiring a Painter

Homeowners who are experienced in having their homes painted once or twice before are well aware of the necessity of hiring expert interior painting experts who have proven their calibre by successfully executing projects in the past. However, homeowners who are having their interiors painted for the first time are likely to make the following mistakes:

• Not Hiring Local Interior Painters: Although this does not necessarily mean hiring the first local painting service one can set eyes on, opting for a painting professional based in the same region as the homeowner offers significant convenience. The painting crew can quickly make their way to the residence, conduct their initial inspection and provide an accurate budget estimate. They can turn up to their client’s home without any delays. In case the client is faced with some emergency, the local painter is headquartered just a few miles away.

• Not Confirming Whether They Are Equipped to Handle the Project: Painting residential interiors typically involves applying primed paint to the drywall which is usually executed very nicely by an expert painter. However, some property owners require additional services like removing wallpaper, painting the walls with sheen, faux finish or log wood sidings, etc. In this case, they would need to ask the painting service provider whether they are able and equipped to handle the project. It is crucial to hire a professional who can get it right the first time to avoid remedial expenses in the future.

• Being Unclear about the Scope of the Project: Many homeowners end up making this mistake, and as a result, they end up unsatisfied with the outcome. They must provide a detailed description of the scope of the project and clarify any confusion they may have. Instances like bubbling or peeling paint or the presence of mildew or mould growth should be informed to the painter so that they can come fully prepared. Any additional requirements like painting the ceiling, replacing the caulking or adding an extra finish also need to be informed.

• Not Checking their Insurance Policy: Hiring a painting expert who does not possess insurance is a risky gamble. There are two types of insurance that every painter related to home development should have – general liability insurance and worker’s compensation. These two categories of insurance would protect the homeowner from bearing any expenses if any damages were to occur or a worker were to get hurt within the duration of the project.

• Opting for the Cheapest Available Option: It is only natural for anyone to want to save a few extra bucks on painting services. However, opting for a cheap paint job can turn out to be expensive in the future. It is irrational to expect that the best painting outcome would come from the cheapest available option. Painters who provide cheap generalist quotes tend to cut corners by skipping a crucial step or two during surface preparation, applying fewer coats of paint or using below-grade products. Best to acquire comprehensive quotes that provide the best deal at a justifiably affordable price.

• Not Retaining a Written Contractual Agreement: Whenever there is a significant amount of money being paid to a single party with no mediators, always consider getting it in writing. This helps prevent or clarify confusion in the future.


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