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Exterior Painting in Cork

Exterior Painting in Cork: Everything You Need To Know

My dad used to say people see your house’s exterior first when they visit you, and that’s what they think of you. And I feel very proud when someone compliments my house and says how nice and fresh it looks. Over time hush Irish weather can cause your house’s exterior to lose its good looks, and exterior painting will improve and protect your home from damage. Today we’ll discuss all the things you need to know about exterior painting in Cork, from preparing the surface for painting and choosing the right color to hiring the right exterior painter.

Exterior Painting in Cork: And Benefits Of It

The first reason I’d keep the exterior of my house in good shape is that a fresh coat of paint protects your house from bad weather and damage; it seals all the cracks on the surface of the walls. 

The second reason would be that a fresh coat of paint will give your house a better look and appearance, bringing the value of your home up if you plan on selling it in the future.

Exterior House Painter in Cork: And How To Prepare The Surface

Before you do any exterior painting, you should inspect the surface for cracks, holes, and any damages, use special exterior filler to fix it, scrape any loose paint, and then smooth the surface with sandpaper.

Protect and cover windows and doors with the masking film, and use dust sheets to protect the ground from paint spills and splashes. 

All this work could be overwhelming for you, so consider hiring a professional exterior house painter in Cork who can help you to achieve a better finish of painting your home.

Exterior Painter in Cork: Which Paint To Use

Every surface requires a specific type of paint produced specifically for that surface; for instance, wood paint should only be used on the board itself, metal paint should only be used on metal surfaces, and exterior walls, of course, should be painted with exterior wall paint.

 When you repaint a surface, you should check what type of paint was used previously, either oil-based or water-based, and you have to use only the same type of paint used before. Never use water-based paint on top of oil-based paint since it will never bond, and as a result, it will start peeling off after a short period.

Exterior Residential Painting: When To Prime The Surface

It is important that you prime any surface that has never been painted before; whether it’s bare wood, bare metal, or freshly plastered walls, regardless of its exterior or interior painting in Cork you must use a primer specially designed for those surfaces.

Exterior Residential Painters: How To Paint

So now that you have everything prepared for painting your exterior walls, you have filled in all the cracks and holes with exterior filler, smoothed all the rough areas with sandpaper, and protected the windows, doors, and everything around them with plastic covers. Now you’re ready for painting, you’ll need to get yourself some exterior painting rollers and brushes; my favorite ones are 12-inch roller sleeves with 3/4 inch nap and a 4-inch paintbrush.

In addition to this, you will also need the right size painting tray or paint scuttle. You will also need an extension pole for your roller and an extension ladder to complete the task. Most exterior painting jobs in Cork City require me to use a 6-meter extension ladder to reach the top of the walls. In some cases, I have to use an 8-meter-long ladder to reach the peak of the house’s gable. That ladder would be heavier and harder to move around the house. Please be very careful with the extension ladders, and make sure they are positioned at the right angle of 75 degrees at all times.

Exterior Home Painting: Finishing Touches

After you’ve finished painting the exterior walls of your house, the boundary walls, and the fencing around it, you should grab a brush and paint the reveals of your windows and window seals; if you can use a different color of paint for this job, it will make your windows and windowsills stand out and look fantastic.

Exterior Painting Services in Cork: How Often Should You Paint Exterior Walls

Unfortunately, with the wet Irish weather, the exterior paint doesn’t last, I have to give my house a fresh coat of paint every couple of years, and if your exterior walls are still looking good after a couple of years, you should think about freshening up your window seals and reveals, which will add a fresh look to the exterior of your home. So answering this question, how often should you paint the exterior of your home I’d say every 2-4 years.

Cork Residential Exterior Painting: Best Type Of Paint To Use For Exterior Walls

If you want to invest in good exterior paint for your home, my two favorite brands would be Dulux Weathershield and Johnstone’s Stormshield. Both of these paints are very good quality at a very reasonable price. If you are willing to spend more money, try Colortrend, which is also good quality.

Professional Exterior Painter in Cork: The Cost To Paint The Exterior Of A House

Painting isn’t as expensive as you might think if you do it yourself. If you have paint, paint rollers, and brushes, you can paint your house’s exterior for a couple hundred euros. As for hiring a professional exterior painter, you can expect to pay between 900 euros and 3000 euros, depending on the size of your house, if you want a professional to do the job.

Cork Exterior Wall Painting: Can You Paint Your Exterior Walls Yourself?

Yes, you totally can paint your exterior walls yourself if you have a few free days and are not afraid of hard work, if you don’t mind going up and down the ladder, and if you don’t care about getting your clothes dirty.

You can save a good bit of money by doing all the work yourself, but if you think the job is too big for you, consider hiring an exterior house painter in Cork

Cork Exterior Painter: How To Choose The Right Color For Exterior Walls?

Choosing the right color for your house exterior is one of the most important parts of the job; get it wrong, and you’ll end up wasting time and money and being unsatisfied with the finish.

My advice is to get yourself a color card for exterior paints from a local paint shop, there you can find examples and pictures of painted houses, go through it; you might find something you like and copy it. 

Try to stay away from very bright and dark colors and go for something neutral.

But in the end, always think about yourself, and make sure that you like this color and that it makes you feel good when you look at it.

Exterior Painting in Cork: Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Time To Paint Your Home Exterior In Cork?

  • I personally never start any exterior work before summertime because Irish weather is unpredictable, and you have more chances to get better weather during the summer season plus, it’s better to do any exterior work when it’s nice and warm outside and paints dry almost instantly, you literally need just one hour for fresh paint to become rainproof. The best time of the year to paint your exterior walls in Cork is between the end of May to late October.

How To Choose The Right Paint For Cork's Weather Conditions

  • Not every exterior paint out there is good quality; stay away from cheap brands like Woodies and Fleetwood. My personal choice when I choose exterior paint is Dulux Weathershield which is based on acrylic latex; this paint has never let me down, but if you have a little bit more money to spend on exterior painting in Cork, go for Colourtrend which is a very good choice of paint.
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